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Please note it is generally an insurance requirement for an alarm system to be under a service agreement with an NSI registered Company. Our HeidiSecure maintenance and monitoring plans are designed to fulfil insurance requirements and ensure your security system is always functioning.

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Selecting your sensors

When selecting the sensors for your alarm system, it can be tempting to over-specify the system, resulting in a much higher quotation price.

The example below shows how most domestic properties can be effectively covered with just a few sensors.

Which sensors should I pick?

In general, we recommend that you fit a door sensor on your front door, plus movement sensors in each room with an easy entry route from outside. It is often unnecessary to fit movement sensors in rooms such as downstairs W/Cs as long as there is a movement sensor in the main hall.

What about window sensors?

Adding window sensors to every ground floor window can quickly get very costly and is usually not necessary. In general window sensors should be used where a particular high risk is present.

I have a shed/garage which I want alarming. Can I fit a movement sensor in it?

All sensors are wireless so as long as the outbuilding is within range then sensors can be added.

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