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We fit systems that work around people's lives and needs

"We have just been burgled and are worried they will come back and need a system fitted quickly"

Secure, Reliable, Easy to Use Systems - Insurance Approved

Powerful control of your security system

Alarm alerts direct to your smartphone.

Remote setting and unsetting from your smartphone.

Wireless fobs

One button set and unset with the optional wireless fob.

No codes to remember with proximity fob setting.

NSI Sertificate of compliance

Certificate issued as required for your home insurance approval.

Powerful control of your security system

An alert to your smartphone when loved ones arrive home.

Pet tolerant

Pet tolerant sensors at no extra cost.

Set the alarm downstairs at bedtime.

carbon monoxide detector

Protect your family by connecting optional Carbon Monoxide (CO) and smoke detectors.

Peace of mind maintenance with HeidiSecure

We see too many alarm systems fitted by others that are never maintained or maintained on an ad hoc basis. This compromises security and increases the risk of burglary and loss. A system that appears to be working may in fact have underlying faults which do not reveal themselves until the point of attack, by which time it is too late and losses are incurred.

A number of years ago we decided to launch our HeidiSecure maintenance plans to allow customers to have their security systems maintained on a regular basis at a fixed price with the benefit of unlimited engineer support at no additional cost. HeidiSecure has proven to be extremely popular and has resulted in fewer disruptive breakdowns and more reliable system operation for our customers.

The net result is that properties with a HeidiSecure system will invariably be in a fully functioning state proving an effective deterrent to would be criminals leading them to try elsewhere.

*** All battery changes included ***

*** All servicing included ***

*** No long term contract or tie in ***

Choose from three HeidiSecure packages

HeidiSecure2 with Smartphone App is our most popular alarm notification plan and offers alarm notifications with optional CCTV video verification direct to your Smartphone along with the ability to set and unset your alarm system remotely.

What is included - at a glance

HeidiSecure1 HeidiSecure2 HeidiSecure3
Designed to Meet Insurance Company Requirements for an Ongoing Maintenance Agreement* yes yes yes
No Surprise Costs - No Charge for Additional Engineer Callouts yes yes yes
All Servicing Included yes yes yes
Unlimited Engineer Support (unique PIN code for out of hours support) yes yes yes
Battery Changes Included yes yes yes
Smartphone App - Alarm Events Direct To Your Phone** yes yes yes
Your Home Monitored via our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) - yes yes
Key Holder Notification of Alarm Events by ARC - yes yes
Police Response on Confirmed Alarms - - yes
Cost per month payable by Direct Debit*** £19.00 £35.00 £45.00

* Please check with your insurance company as your theft cover may be invalid unless your security system is covered by a current maintenance service agreement complying with the Rules of the NSI.

** App communications via customer broadband or radio modem.

*** Prices applicable for a standard installation comprising up to 10 sensors, 1 external bell and 1 key pad.

HeidiSecure plan descriptions

HeidiSecure1 - Alarm Maintenance with Smartphone Access
Includes all servicing and engineer support via a unique pin code with the added benefit of Smartphone access.
Smartphone access allows remote setting and unsetting of your security system and notifies you of alarm activity direct to your phone whether you are home or away. For example alerts can be sent to you when:
- a user Disarms the system
- an intruder triggers a Perimeter Detector in the garden
- a smoke alarm is triggered
HeidiSecure2 - Maintained and Monitored with Smartphone Access
Includes all the benefits listed in our HeidiSecure1 package with the addition of your alarm linked to our Alarm Monitoring Centre for additional peace of mind.
HeidiSecure2 uses a secure, independently powered radio modem with a WorldSIM to ensure all alarm events are immediately signalled to our Alarm Monitoring Centre. This means your home will remain secure, even if the power and telephone line is cut. Our Alarm Monitoring Centre will alert you and nominated key holders of alarm events, loss of communication or loss of power at your property.
A one off modem equipment charge of £50.00 applies.
HeidiSecure3 - Maintained, Monitored and Policed with Smartphone Access
Includes all the benefits listed in our HeidiSecure2 package with the addition of Police notification on Confirmed Alarms.
HeidiSecure3 is for higher risk properties either due to the value of items within the property and/or the occupancy level and location and includes the addition of Police notification on Confirmed Alarms.
A Confirmed Alarm is the activation of 2 or more sensors within a short time period, a likely indicator of an unauthorised intrusion. We carry out a higher frequency servicing schedule on our HeidiSecure3 systems to ensure there are no false confirmed alarms.
A one off modem equipment charge of £50.00 applies.
A one off Police URN application fee of £54.79 applies. If a Panic Alarm URN is required an additional £54.79 applies.

Benefits of WorldSim

Our alarm panels connect to the Alarm Monitoring Centre using multi network modems with WorldSIM.

WorldSIM uses a patented roaming algorithm to select the strongest mobile network in your local area and eliminate downtime offering the best guarantee of radio coverage to ensure your property is always monitored.

Alarm your shed or garage

Do you store expensive bikes, tools and garden equipment in your shed or garage? Our wireless alarms have an excellent range and as such can be extended into most sheds and garages at minimal extra cost.

Burglary prevention tips

Prevention is better than cure. Please click to read our advice on burglary prevention.

Beware DIY alarm systems!

If you decide to fit your own system for budgetary reasons, you will need to make sure that it is secure, as a lot of DIY kits on the market are not. For example, click here for an assessment (carried out by an independent cyber security consultancy company) of the Yale Smart Home Alarm System which details it’s shortfalls. The best way to ensure that an alarm system is secure is checking that the equipment is PD6662:2010 compliant and installed in accordance with the standard.

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